Tax consultations 




from 100,00 eur/50 min



Voluntarily annual income declaration



from 15,00 eur



Capital income tax delcaration



from 100,00 eur



Compulsory annual tax declaration for economic activity performer



from 50,00 eur



Other (mandatory annual declarations)



from 50,00 eur




Financial consultations




from 100,00eur/50 min



Annual report preparation



from 250,00 eur



Accounting for legal entities



from 250,00 eur/month



Accounting for private individuals



from 100,00 eur/month




Legal consultations




from 100,00 eur/50 min



Formation of legal entity



from 700,00 eur



Amendment registration in ER



from  50,00 eur



Legal document preparation



from 50,00 eur



Preparation of SRS decision complaints



from 100,00 eur



Representation in State Revenue Service



from 350,00 eur


Representation in Administrative courts



from 500,00 eur


Other service fees are determined by agreeing with customer!